Saturday, July 24, 2010

A simple LOG trick

Have you ever wondered or wished how to get the date and time into an diary-like file (a real diary, phone log or similar)? Actually it is easy, if you use the Microsoft Editor which comes with Windows.

  1. Open the Editor and create a new file
  2. Put ".LOG" into the first line
  3. Save this file (you can give it the extension .log, but .txt will work as well)
Finished. Everytime you open the file the current date and time is added automatically. I use this to keep track of unregular input to projects. So nothing gets lost and you can still keep track of the timeline.
This is not the only version. Keep in mind, that most software dedicated to writing will offer the entry of date and time using a menu and if you are lucky there is even a shortcut. But it still requires action. The LOG trick is free and requires your input only.

Stay productive

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  1. that's really cool, didn't know it was that easy... I have to keep that in mind :-)


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