Monday, September 6, 2010

I think I am addicted to periodic tables as a visual metapher...

First of all: I am not a chemistry geek - well maybe a very small one, but I am stumbling across the periodic tables everywhere. I am not talking about chemistry tables like the  periodic table of videos from Nottingham university. It is the application of the visual metapher of periodic tables on other areas.

What made me realize this was a tweet on the periodic table of HTML 5 elements.

Periodic table of HTML elements

Then I woke up today and realized: I ran across several of them in the last years. Here are some of them

Periodic table of irrational Nonsense

Periodic table of typefaces

Periodic table of visualization methods (cool mouse overs)

Periodic table of controllers

Periodic table of condiments ;-)

And this last one is a real periodic table. It uses pictures. @IPhoneOwners: I envy you, there is an app. But not for long - Android is in development. For me it is the book on my amazon wishlist.

Photographic periodic table

BTW: I also came across periodic tables for sweets, cursing, beer and similar. If you really want to see them you will have to use google...

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