Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why QR-codes should be everywhere...

Before I got my smartphone I knew what a QR code was (another type of barcode - well I learned since then). But it was not until recently as I realized the implications to my life. I am a big fan of putting the QR code on your business card, so people with a scanner can have your contact details within seconds on their phone.
A collection of codes for mobile tagging
But the QR codes could be used far more often. I am not talking about magazines and advertisments. I am talking about the internet of things or Semapedia. The Semapedia links the real world to the Wikipedia. You might say: But I have GPS on my phone and it finds everything in my augmented reality browser (like Layar).

GPS doesn't work indoors, you are experiencing problems when the houses nearby are high and so on. GPS is a battery sucker, so I would suggest that there is still use for QR codes: in museums, in busstops with multiple bus lines and so on...

And most important: Call me a geek, but I think the QR codes do look nice.

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