Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weather widgets try to make me crazy

Did you realize how many weather forecast widgets exist? On Android it is loads of these things. Some are better some make me shiver. Why? No, not because it is cold.

  1. The metric system should always be supported. I could make a survey, but I think none of my coworkers could tell me if water starts boiling at x Fahrenheit. The answer always would be How many Fahrenheit are 100° Celsius?
  2. The use of a weather widget would be to show the forecast, telling the temperature of today in order to give you a starting point. Is it getting colder or warmer.
  3. Sometimes the font is not readable and the color of the font cannot be switched. So some widgets are useless on dark backgrounds (or on light ones).
I did not like the weather widget preinstalled to my HTC. So I searched the market. Two apps got into the finals: Snowstorm and weather forecast widget. I installed both and fell in love with weather forecast widget. Now I have the weather forecast for the next three days on my home screen.

If only the data in the weather forecast were always right. But this is another story.

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