Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The connection between Darwin and parking lots...

You might say there is no connection between parking lots and Darwin. Let me show you what I talk about.
Let us assume that there is a typical small Viennese street. It's length is 25 meters (I made this up to proove a point). Let us also assume that there are only VW Golf parking in this street.
The Golf I from 1974 was 3704mm long, the Golf VI from 2008 is 4199mm long. So in 25 meters can be 6,75 Golf I or 5,95 Golf VI. Obviously you cannot park without spaces between the cars. However you look at it: At the end of the day the growing car model killed one parking lot.

I can hear you: Come on, everybody has a parking garage nowadays. And I say: Not everywhere and not everyone. Where I live, the apartment houses are old, only new houses need to have a garage. More and more people have a car and the industry has invented the SUV. I do not have to tell you how long these cars are.

So where is Darwin? This is the question. One might assume that natural selection would lead to a survival of the fittest - the smallest car. But the theory does not work out. There have been mutations (power steering, parking aids) who change the game. Also bigger cars are thought of to be more secure and often are more secure. Is this Darwin or is it a self optimizing algorithm who will start to work soon or has already started working?

Have I told you that the widthof the Golf I....

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