Monday, September 6, 2010

How do people write their blog posts?

I was sitting in front of the screen, thinking what kind of tools people use to write their blog posts. But I never thought that the question is not that simple.
Obviously the following things are not part of the job:
  • Collecting ideas for posts. The ideas come and they go again if you do not catch them and write them down or make a voice memo, picture or something similar. Try to catch even the smallest idea. Where there is only a grain of sand there might be more some time in the future.
  • Collecting all kinds of illustrative material for your posts. Most of the time you will have to create this from scratch...
  • Drinking tea and staring at the wall. This might be part of the thinking process, but it is not action oriented.
  • Planning. A plan is good, but planning is not writing.
I stop here. I think I made my point. I still have no clue, how other people do it. Most of the time I simply write straight ahead and save my writings as a draft directly in the webinterface, sometimes I use a distractionfree editor to write down the main passages and do the finishing in the editor and on some rare occasions I use a mobile software (mostly in connection with a picture). I also discovered a tendency to use the voice memo function on my phone as well as pen and paper to take notes. Is it part of the process to start the writing in your brain and get it out somehow? This might be worth a blog post later but for now let's stick to the writing process.

Tell me: How do you write your texts? What tools do you use? Thank you for any comment.


  1. The funny thing. There are a lot of hits for my blog and nobody is commenting. So everybody wants to know the miracle solution and nobody wants to share his part. Sounds like a blog post

  2. i'm now writing my posts by email to posterous.

  3. ...well that's the technical part. other than that, i wait until the hashtags in my head take up shape and force me to write a post :)

  4. Do not wait for the hashtags. Write the post and do not think of hashtags...


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