Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things I learned from Twitter

Do you get caught by yourself using the #s and @s twitterstyle in your Mails, Tickets or notes? I have to say: Guilty!
It doesn't matter which medium I use. Even when writing with pen on paper I tend to leave the visual clues. I already used the @ before I used Twitter (or knew Twitter even existed), but in a sense of adressing a location, lateron a person. In the last few months I started to use the # for topics or enumbered lists. I quit with the numbered lists (An won against Wikipeditis ;-)
So what comes next? What do you think? Which semiosis from the online world will break into the real world?
At least I came across this posting with lifehacker, which tells you what you learn from Twitter: K.I.S.S. ( I hope you do not have to google that).

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