Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to use the power of the cloud on your Android

I think the buzzword of 2010 will be cloud. That was good. It means that we got all this nice gadgets who use the power of the cloud. And I am not talking about the fact, that you can use Google Maps to navigate around your hometown (if you are lucky and this service supported in your area / country).

I wanted to share the following observations/apps with you that enable you to sync information back and forth through the cloud.
  1. Dropbox can make your life easier. Very easy. And you can even use it on your Android.
  2. Chrome2Phone pushes links and phonenumbers from your browser to your phone
  3. The other way around is possible by using android2cloud
  4. I already wrote about Read It Later and how to sync it with your Android
There are plenty of other possibilities to sync with a clouded service. That is for sure.
So there is only room for the final question: If social media is like digital crack, what is the cloud?

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  1. I found a detailed How to on


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