Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some shortcuts you really should know when operating in Excel

I love shortcuts. And I am an Excel addict. Well. There are some shortcuts you might find useful. To add a timestamp to a cell you can use:

[CTRL]+[.]    insert date
[CTRL]+[:]    insert time

And if you work with long lists you might already know, that you can

[CTRL]+[ENTER]    inserting the same data in all selected cells

But wait: It is always the same question which is left. How can I copy and paste formatting from one cell to another? Maybe this is the question I leave to you to answer. BTW you should know that by double clicking the icon to copy and paste formats you can paste the format of the selected cell multiple times. Without any further clicking on this icon.

Why don't you try what happens when you do a [SHIFT]+[CTRL]+[C] and ...+[V] in Word? Ever tried?

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