Monday, August 30, 2010

My Girlfriend wants to have a decision about the wedding

I wrote about decisions earlier. Knowing or realizing things does not mean that you do them. So here I sit after a conversation with my girl. I realized I cannot go to the wedding. She does not know either if she wants to do it without me.
Man hates changes!
Did you think this post was on my wedding? Sorry, no wedding. It is again on decisions. Why do we hate decisions? Do we hate decisions because they imply changes? One might remember πάντα ῥεῖ (Everything flows) by Heraklit from school. I do not know what Heraklit thought when he coined this sentence. But he is right. We are already in a constant flow of changes.

Maybe this is why we hate changes.
Let's assume that the brain is efficient. If it is efficient the brain would be against all actions which lead to workload. So resisting against change could be kind of a loadbalancing functionality. It takes a bigger perspective to see that the change might bring improvements.

And then there is the rule of thumb: Never change a running system.

If you are interested in reading about Western philosophy I recommend the book by Bertrand Russell. It gives a brief history of the western world and philosophy, also describing social and technological changes.

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  1. when you think about it... there are so many decisions you don't wanna take but don't wanna admit that there's a decision waiting to be taken....

    this post made me think again about decisions...

    and so I decided to buy the train ticket to the wedding and spend a nice weekend in Poland...

    I think we don't wanna take decisions because we wait until somebody else takes them for us or something happens and so we don't have to take the decision anymore... after all, we can blame it on somebody / something else.


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