Thursday, August 26, 2010

A short affair with tumblr

I have to admit: Tumblr is nice, very nice. And I was really thinking of switching...   ...for 314 milliseconds. It was a simple decision. I played with tumblr for an hour. Two thirds of the time I played with the design and when I was at the point, that I wanted to actually fill in content. I was realizing, that I loved to play with the design.

But I do this already with this blog. I lose time, because I love to play with the colors and the layout. Well I have a new rule: No changing the design of this blog until October. So I can concentrate on the content.

At the end of the day this is the return of the concept: Separate form and content. The form is often realized using a template and the content is edited separetly. You see it realized in content management systems, LaTeX or the wedding of CSS and HTML. The idea is also half realized in wordprocessing software. If you ever worked with naked HTML or LaTeX you know what happens when the flow kicks in, because you have do not have to think on the form.


  1. I could not resist and made one last change before October ;-)

  2. and i'll try not to change the backend until October :)
    jokes aside, it's really about the content as long as you feel comfortable with the system


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