Sunday, August 22, 2010

When your brain makes you think and not the other way around

The weather this weekend was very nice. What do you do when the weather is nice? Yes, you go outside and visit the real life with oxygen, bugs and the other creatures...   ...people. Playing tourist in Vienna is fun. We went to places where we have not been before. We were strangers in our home town.
After city center you need something green and so we followed the tramway D to Nussdorf which is old and in the outskirts (see this picture and you will see, why it is so nice).

A lot of the tourists go there for the Beethoven house. One of many, I have to say: Beethoven lived in 36 houses in Vienna (Read an into deep article here - german only). Good for the fans, confusing for the "casual" tourist.

When standing in front of the Beethovenhaus Kahlenbergerstrasse 26 two elderly folks were talking about the house and how it looked like: devastated and falling apart. They thought that the people living in the house do not care for the house. Well this is what I thought at first also. But then it struck me. This is a historical monument. They are not allowed to change the original state. No painting wooden windows, repairing doors and so on without consulting the Bundesdenkmalamt (Austrian office for monuments).

Your brain will always tend to find a plausible explanation for everything around you. The more you know the trickier these actions get. Like the late Robert Anton Wilson said about the parts of your inner self "Whatever the Thinker thinks, the Prover will prove." And I do not know who said the following (if you know, let us all know): Man sees patterns everywhere, even if they are not there.
Do you use your brain or does your brain use you?

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