Sunday, August 29, 2010

Writing in non-mother tongue and the difference between efficent and effective

If you read through my posts and are native english speaker you might discover: English is definitely not his mother tongue. All others can find hints in pictures and texts. So my postings are definitely effective.

Vienna | Parliament
Vienna | National Library
I live in Vienna. The pictures show, that it is a dark country, mostly at night. You can not see many people in the pictures because they might be sitting in front of their TVs and Computers - just like in any other country. And people here speak German (if you meet one of us - Austrian would be the preferred word), so the texts can be seen as sub optimum efficient.

I think of writing in non-mother tongue as a good exercise in being efficient and effective. Do you know the difference?
Being efficient means doing the things right and being effective means doing the right things.
 The point is that I cannot remember why I starting writing in English. Maybe it is because English is widely spoken, maybe because I wanted to write in English. Who knows.
This might be the right time to order a story by writing something in the comments. Just in case I ever run out of things I could write about.

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