Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why Android is suitable for business

I often hear that Android is not suitable for business. If you take the time and get into an in-depth discussion, you will find out that people have strange prejudices on Android phones.

  1. Android phones sync with Exchange! On my HTC there were two mail applications preinstalled. G-Mail and Mail. It is obvious, what G-Mail does but the HTC mail application can handle several accounts using activesync, POP3 and IMAP. Push is supported and it works perfect. It even has the strange effects, that mails arrive before they do in Outlook or the G-Mail web interface.
  2. You can open all standard attachments (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). If you buy a full version of Documents to Go (yes, the one used on Blackberry) you can even edit powerpoint files and similar.
  3. You can track your calls to a calendar using Call Track. I created a calendar where all incoming, missed and outgoing calls are mapped to. I even create calls to make there, so I have everything concerning phone in one place.
  4. I already wrote about dropbox and how to keep your reading list in earlier posts.
Maybe there are thousand more reasons why Android phones are as suitable for business as other ones. One of the most important reasons is: They are flexible. You can arrange things in scenes. That means, that you can define screens for different surroundings (but still keeping the power to use all the functions). Weekend means fun, games, meeting friends and - in my case - also using c:geo and georg to find some nice geocaches.

Do you still want to be the slave to your Blackberry?

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